The Seasoned Spouse

The Seasoned Spouse

Lizann is a professional writer, speaker, mom of 5, and experienced military spouse. Learn about her mission, her published experience, and how to reserve her as a speaker for your next military spouse event.



Find tips and resources for military life here: from deployments and PCS moves, to military discounts and strategies for raising military kids. You’ll find all the Seasoned Spouse experience on the blog.

Military Spouse Books

Military Spouse Books

Best book for military spouses? It’s here! Find encouragement in “Open When,” join the Deployment Masterclass, or download military spouse resources.

Military Spouse Speaker Sharing Encouragement for Military Life

Lizann is an engaging public speaker passionate about encouraging our military spouse community. She has presented workshops at national conferences, delivered keynotes for milspouse retreats, and engaged small groups in virtual or in-person discussions. You can invite Lizann to speak at your milspouse event, Book Club, or podcast.

Topics: Resiliency, Military Life Challenges, Deployments, PCS Moves, Military Kids, Milspouse Entrepreneurs, Book Signings
Prices available upon request.

“Lizann is an electrifying public speaker, and her passion is infectious.”


Air Force Aid Society

“Lizann is a delight to work with. Everything she does is excellent, and she has a tremendous work ethic.”


Owner, Nomades

Open When: Letters of Encouragement for Military Spouses

Open When: Letters of Encouragement for Military Spouses

Military Family Books, $20.00

Award-winning book with inspiring messages for common military life challenges. Deployment, PCS moves, long-distance relationships, and more. Perfect gift for new milspouse or anyone dating a service member.

Ultimate Deployment Guide

Ultimate Deployment Guide

Amazon, $15.00

Your service member is going to deploy, and you want to be prepared. This booklet has checklists, essential info, fun tips, and answers to your deployment questions. Get organized and feel more confident about deployment!

Welcome to Rota

Welcome to Rota

Amazon, $20.00

This guidebook for military families with PCS orders to Rota Spain tells you everything you need to know about moving overseas, Spanish food and culture, where to shop, and fun daytrips in Southern Spain.

Deployment Resources

Lizann supports military spouses & loved ones through deployment. Download the Deployment Masterclass to answer your deployment questions. Join the free Facebook group for deployment support. Grab a free ebook for new military spouses. 

Deployment Masterclass
Handle Deployment Like a Boss Facebook Group invitation

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