This post contains affiliate links. May is the month of the military spouse, and this year we are celebrating military spouse with a special giveaway of the book Modern Military Spouse, written by three talented military spouse bloggers: J.D. Collins (Semi-Delicate Balance), Lauren Tamm (Military Wife and Mom), and Jo, My Gosh! They wrote and published this book together in 2016, after they realized that “there aren’t that many books that speak to the 21st century, Millennial military spouse.” The traditional view of a military spouse who stays home caring for a house and kids while supporting her service member husband may be a bit outdated. Modern military spouses are both male and female. Many significant others move to live near their service member before they are officially engaged. Modern military spouses use technology to learn about military life. They look for jobs and have their own career goals. A modern military spouse might be simultaneously raising children and earning a degree online. And they work with their partner to balance the household budget. Modern Military Spouse is a book that speaks to all of those individuals and situations. In short, it is a book written for you! Celebrating the Modern Military Spouse Win a free copy of the Modern Military Spouse book! #milso #milspouse #giveaway Click To Tweet

Modern Military Spouse book review

These three military spouses worked together to create a book that covers these topics in a way that is fun and approachable for Millennial spouses. Each chapter is written by one of the authors, using her own stories, experiences, and life lessons. As a ‘seasoned spouse,’ I wasn’t sure I would learn anything new from this book. I think I have more children and have experienced more deployments than all the authors combined! Nevertheless, I was pleasantly impressed by the amount of resources listed. I even learned some new financial tips in the chapter “Creating a Budget that Works.” And many other chapters brought fresh insights into things like making military spouse friends and preparing for a PCS. I enjoyed the variety of topics in the book and the clickable resources. The chapters cover different aspects of military life that will be extremely helpful to a new spouse– everything from making new friends to moving overseas; going back to school or looking for a job. There is definitely something in this book for every modern military spouse. Still in the dating/engaged stage of military life? J.D. reminds you that you are not “just” a significant other, and has advice on how to handle the haters. Jo has great advice about staying positive during deployment, while keeping communication and trust at the center of marriage. “Your relationship is yours and your partner’s. Protect it. Guard it. And nourish it.” She also gives a helpful run-through of all the legal documents you will need before and after you become a military spouse. In the chapter about going to college, Jo reviews the financial aid opportunities available to military spouses, and explains the different types of college settings. J.D. gives resume-writing tips and explains how you can quality for military spouse hiring preference when applying for a new job. She also explains the process for getting a federal or government contracting job. Lauren walks you through the complicated steps to moving overseas in an OCONUS PCS. I wish I had seen her lists of what to pack and how to prepare legal documents before my family moved to Rota, Spain! The end of the book has useful appendixes explaining common acronyms and legal paperwork. There are even printable documents with checklists for deployment, PCS, and resume building. These ladies thought of everything that would be helpful to the modern military spouse! The Modern Military Spouse book is written for every new military spouse!

How can you get a copy?

There are two ways you can get a copy of the Modern Military Spouse book. First, you can check it out and order your own copy by using my affiliate link: Click here to buy a copy. When you buy the book through this link, you pay the same price, but I get a small portion of the sales. You can choose a paperback or PDF version. The PDF version of the book lets you click on the links and resources, which is definitely useful.


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