Deployment Masterclass

If you are facing a deployment–whether it’s your 1st or your 10th– I have a Deployment Masterclass for you!

Are you stressed about preparing for deployment when you don’t know what to expect? Worried about being a solo parent on your own?

Deployments are stressful and exhausting, no matter how many you have been through before. Things break. Kids get sick. Family doesn’t help you, and many military spouses and significant others are left feeling alone and unprepared. At some point, most people hit a “deployment wall” where they feel like they just can’t handle another week of deployment.

I have been with my husband for all 7 of his overseas deployments– each lasting at least 6 months– so I know first-hand the stress and exhaustion deployments cause. Each one had different challenges, but I found myself going through similar emotional cycles time and again. I wished someone had told me at the beginning what to expect and how to cope with deployment challenges.

That’s why I created the Deployment Masterclass: so no military spouse or significant other will feel like they’re going through deployment alone! Everyone should have access to a community and tools that help you not only survive deployment, but thrive. For less than the cost of a dinner with friends, you can invest in yourself to feel more prepared for deployment.

Join us for encouragement, support, resources, and useful tips for all military branches. The class includes a printable guidebook, plus access to the private FB support group, and exclusive video tranings from a variety of well-known and experienced military spouses. Once you enroll in the Masterclass, these trainings are available to you anytime so you can watch them again and again: before or during deployment.


Check out our great lineup of Deployment Masterclass speakers:

Deployment Masterclass

Corie Weathers, Military Spouse of the Year and author of “Sacred Spaces”

Her training discusses preparing for deployment, and why the pre-deployment stage is the most difficult for many couples. She shares why it’s normal for the service member to act detached before deployment, and how you can work through that.

Judy Davis, milspouse keynote speaker and author of “Right Side Up”

This video is full of humor and deployment tips from Judy’s many experiences with deployment. She discusses deployment expectations, and why they don’t usually match up with deployment reality. Together we discuss coping strategies that go beyond “just stay busy.”

Bonnie Carroll, President and Founder of TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors)

As a Gold Star spouse, Bonnie knows the pain of losing a service member. Her training addresses the question in the back of everyone’s mind during deployment: “What if my service member gets hurt… or worse?” This training is encouraging and uplifting, and focuses on the reasons NOT to worry about the service member’s safety, and how to feel more confident about their deployment situation.

Lauren Tamm, “Military Wife and Mom,” blogger and co-author of “Modern Military Spouse”

As a military wife and mom of two kids, Lauren knows the challenges of getting through deployment with babies and toddlers and the frustration of them missing their deployed parent. Together, we discuss free resources for military kids and families that will help during deployment. Lauren shares her “magic tricks” for surviving as a solo parent and dealing with child tantrums or emotional swings during deployment.

Christine Maxwell of Her Money Moves

This financial training shows you how to set up a deployment budget, and what to do before deployment to make bill payments go more smoothly. She shares great money-saving tricks to help with deployment budgets.

Betsy Ramirez of Dinner Deployed

You don’t have to settle for pizza or cereal for dinner during deployment! If you are worried about cooking for one, or coming up with simple meals your kids will actually eat, then this training has you covered. Betsy includes three meal prep videos, recipes, and a bonus shopping list, so you can whip up delicious meals even when you’re out of time and energy.

Amanda Huffman of Airman to Mom

She shares her unique perspective about having deployed as an Air Force Officer, and now staying home raising kids as an Air Force spouse. Her training gives you an inside look at the deployment environment, plus tips about communication and care packages that really make a difference during the deployment.

Rachel McQuiston of Countdowns and Cupcakes

What should you send in a deployment care package? Get care package tips and fun decorating ideas from the queen of custom care packages. 

…plus several other military spouse guests, who will share their deployment experiences and tips! New videos will be uploaded regularly, and are included in your purchase.

Your all-access pass will include admission to our Facebook group to get answers for your deployment questions. Our private Facebook group is 8,000 spouses strong, from all branches and parts of the country, all going through deployment together! The Masterclass includes the ongoing support and encouragement from this group, so you can get immediate answers to deployment questions and have a place to connect when you’re having a bad deployment day.



“This group is my daily dose of ‘You’ve got this!’ It is so inspiring and encouraging.”

“I LOVE the bucket list printout. And the countdown ideas for when we have kiddos.”

“My favorite printout was the care packages and getting tips on how to make them fun!”

“Not a rookie here, but I still learned a lot of great helps. I appreciate all the printouts, the suggestions for bettering communication with my husband, and care package ideas.”

“I’m really excited to send care packages! Those resources were so helpful for me. It will be fun and exciting to put them together. “

“Thank you for the information as it has been a huge help!”

“I think I will periodically come back and rewatch the videos as I work my way through this deployment. So encouraging to see others that thrived even through a deployment.”

“I am putting my binder together and plan to have it handy even when we aren’t going through a deployment. It will be so helpful even for those times when my husband is away on short trips.”

“Overall, Lizann put so much thought into this and it was such a professional presentation! I feel like if we ever crossed paths in real life we would become fast friends. :)”


You will click through the PayPal success screen to have immediate access to all the resources: the video trainings, the printable Deployment Guide, and the private Facebook group.

Using these tools will give you:

confidence to face deployment, knowing what to expect and real strategies to get through it

peace of mind, knowing that you are not going through this alone, and others have survived similar challenges

encouragement knowing you are part of a community of military spouses and service members who are ready to support you any time

– strength after learning how to make the most of the deployment: to grow more independent, to find meaningful ways to pass the time, and to have fun making new friends.

– less stress about deployment because you will know that no matter what happens, YOU’VE GOT THIS!


If you are only interested in the Ultimate Deployment Guide and want to print it out on your own, you can find it for sale in My Shop.