Kids going crazy? Try seeing them through your spouse’s eyes.

It was mid-afternoon, but it had already been a long day. The toddler was having another meltdown tantrum. The preschooler was running through the house half-naked, whining for snacks. And the older kids were giggling loudly in the next room—which I knew meant some kind of horrible mess or mischief. I was out of energy, out of patience, and very much fed up with my kids.

Yet somehow, in that moment of kids going crazy, I discovered a parenting secret that changed my life.

Being a solo parent during military deployments is not an easy task. Especially if the children are not yet in school and you never, ever get a break. There are moments I love being a stay at home mom and having quality time with my kids. Then there are days when they drive me crazy, and it just feels like I am taking care of someone whining or someone’s mess. all. day. long.

But the flip side of being a solo parent is that the other parent is away all day long. Every moment I spend with my kids during deployment is a moment that my husband misses with his kids. As much as I hate the tantrums and whining, he wishes he could just hear their little voices for a moment sometime during his day.

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As I gripped the chubby hand of my angry toddler, I was struck with a sudden realization: my husband would give anything to hold her hand right now, no matter how much she was throwing a fit. The kids don’t seem quite so much of a burden when I view them through my husband’s eyes. Instead of seeing them with my own worn-out mom’s perspective, I needed to view them as he does. Instead of complaining about what I am dealing with, I can rejoice that at least I am experiencing it. Even in their worst moments, my kids are still a treasure. Parenting them is my privilege. This magical secret has been changing the way I handle tough moments.

Even in their worst moments, kids are a treasure, and parenting them is my privilege. Click To Tweet

The attitude change that helps me with kids going crazy:

  • When the toddler is throwing a tantrum, I realize that my husband would still find her adorable, and he would make her laugh.
  • When she is grubby and dirty, I think how my husband would love to hold her sticky little hands.
  • When the kids are asking for snacks, I remember that he would love to sit down and share a treat with them.
  • When they are whining, I remind myself that he said their voices are so cute and high-pitched over the phone.
  • When they ask me to play a game when I am tired, I think about how much Dad loves to teach them new sports and board games.
  • When they ask for another book, I remember that he is so proud of how smart they are, so I settle in and read them another one.
  • When I would rather have some quiet moments on social media, I remember that my husband would put down his phone and enjoy their golden afternoons.
  • When they aren’t quieting down at bedtime, I remind myself that he is good at laughing at their ridiculous requests for more water and stories.
  • When they are whining about homework, I realize that he would be happy to read their scrawled sentences and see their stick figure drawings.
  • Each time they struggle to learn a new skill, I think about how much he would love to be there and help them master it.

It is a huge challenge to be both parents at once. When Dad is deployed, I have to fill in and be both Mom and Dad to our kids. I have all my mom chores and responsibilities, plus all of Dad’s discipline and playful moments, too. So when I am worn out from being mom, it can be a refreshing relief to see things the way Dad does. This small shift has helped me through many challenging deployment moments.

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The Ultimate Deployment guide has resources for being a solo parent during deployment.

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