4 Reasons for a Military RV Rental

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As a military spouse, I have spent a lot of time moving around the country with my husband and kids. We have lived on three different coasts (East, West, and Gulf), and have changed time zones for almost every PCS move.

We love exploring this country and the unique areas around each duty station. Travel is one of the most frequently cited perks of military life. While not all our travel has been glamorous, (loading U-Haul trucks in summer is never fun!) we have had many fun and memorable trips as a military family.

One of the best ways to make great family members during a trip is to spend fun moments together. The easiest way to get your whole family together is to rent an RV! Whether you use it to explore a new region of the U.S., as temporary lodging during a PCS, at a National Park, or while visiting family, there are many times to choose a military RV rental for your trip.

Here are the top four reasons military families should rent an RV for their next adventure.

Military RV Rental for Your Next Vacation

One of the benefits of being a military family is getting stationed in unique parts of the country where you haven’t lived or traveled before. Make the most of your duty station and use your next vacation or leave block to explore the entire region!

With an RV, you can take a long weekend or a long trip and see many more sites. You can visit a different city—or a different state—each day of your trip. Make memories your family will treasure forever.

RV trips offer so many opportunities for family time and bonding moments, like:

  • Playing card games inside when it’s raining on your trip
  • Making meals together
  • Enjoying campgrounds with amenities like water slides, mini golf, or kids’ activities
  • Bonding together during long drives through conversations, games, and snacks
  • Enjoying s’mores and a campfire… then taking a hot shower afterwards

If your family doesn’t have much camping experience, then an RV is a comfortable and easy way to help everyone enjoy their time in the great outdoors.

Tip: Many military bases have discounted rates for on-base camping sites, so if you are visiting a new area, call the local military campsites first for the best rate. For example, Navy bases in Florida and California are affordable beach vacation destinations.  

Read more here about my tips for camping with kids.

Use an RV During Your Military PCS Move

More military families are turning to RV rentals when they PCS to a new duty station. Having a rented “home away from home” can bring a lot of comfort and convenience when your household goods are packed up for a month or more, especially if you are stuck on the waitlist for on-base housing.

Instead of staying in a hotel for temporary lodging when you arrive at a new military base, rent an RV. You’ll have a full kitchen to cook in so you don’t have to eat carry-out for every meal, and the kids can burn some energy running around outside. For families with multiple children, renting an RV for a week is more affordable than two hotel rooms, so you’ll save on your out-of-pocket PCS expenses.

An RV offers much more privacy—and usually a quieter sleeping environment—than a hotel room. In addition, most RV companies allow pets, so you won’t have to worry about pet-friendly hotel chains during your move.

If you haven’t rented an RV before and are worried about the stress of driving one, consider using an RV delivery service to get your rented home set up for you before you arrive. You don’t have to own a vehicle with a hitch or have experience driving a big rig, and you don’t need to stress about getting stuck in tight spaces.

With RV delivery, a company will bring your rented RV to your campsite and handle all set up and pack up procedures for you! Just drive your family car to the campsite and pile into your new temporary home. RV delivery may not be available to government-owned campsites on military bases, but if you are staying off-base, this may be a great option to reduce the stress of a PCS move.

4 Reasons for a Military RV Rental

Use an RV at a Destination Vacation to a National Park

Many military families make Bucket Lists of beautiful parks they want to visit across America. Whether you are crossing off your desired locations during a deployment, or saving them for a special getaway trip, consider renting an RV to make the most of your destination vacation. Use an RV to explore a string on National Parks in one fun road trip your family will be talking about for years to come.

Renting an RV is a great way to explore our country’s most picturesque natural landmarks in comfort and style. You can relax in privacy after a long day of hiking, and enjoy a meal cooked on the stove instead of worrying about a fire. Sleeping in a bed, taking a hot shower, and having a clean toilet are major perks of RV vacations that you won’t find a tent camping facilities.

For popular National Park destinations, book your RV site as soon as possible, because many locations fill up months in advance.

Tip: Service members and their families enjoy lifetime access to all America’s National Parks for free! If you don’t have your free military pass yet, you can request it at the main entrance gate of any National Park.

Military RV Rental for Family Visits

Since military families are often stationed far from their hometown, visiting family members back home can be a huge expense. And sometimes, even though family wants to welcome you, they scramble to figure out where everyone can sleep.

With an RV, you can endure the long drive home in comfort, and have some privacy during your visit. If you go home for the holidays, an RV allows you to sleep in a comfortable space with your military family, instead of squeezing into your childhood bedroom. Rent an RV to visit Grandma, the uncles, and your best friend all in one trip, without having to unpack suitcases and inflate air mattresses at each location.

If you’re lucky enough to have family who wants to visit you at your military base, you’ve probably noticed that on-base housing doesn’t usually include a guest bedroom. Consider renting an RV and a campsite on base. That way, family members can visit you and stay nearby, without taking over your home.

RV Rentals are Great for Military Families

However you decide to enjoy your RV time together, I hope you have many exciting trips and adventures ahead! When you’re ready to plan your next RV trip, head to RVshare to look at all the rental options and choose the one that is the best fit for your military family.

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