Milspouses can do their holiday shopping on GovX

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I found a new website for holiday shopping this year!

I was invited to purchase something on in exchange for writing this review. I have known about GovX for a while now, and my husband has used it before to purchase high quality gear with great discounts. But most military discount sites require authentication of the service member with official ID uploads. I didn’t know that I could use GovX as a military spouse.

So imagine my surprise when I was invited to create my own GovX account and do some holiday shopping. The authorization process was really quick and easy. I didn’t need to upload any documents; I just used my email address. Within moments, I was in and I began scanning through the different categories.

People, there is a LOT more on GovX than I thought! It’s a site with discounts on quality items for military families. I knew they had tactical gear and things my veteran would love: scopes for rifles, tactical clothing, Yeti coolers, sunglasses, etc. I didn’t think there would be anything that would interest me or our kids. But I was incredibly surprised to discover that they have tons of different categories.

You can find great discounts on many items at GovX. There are outdoor items ranging from hunting gear to camping supplies to portable fire pits. There are toys for kids that include rocking horses and car racing tracks. And there are great gift ideas, ranging from jewelry to clothing to hiking shoes and knives. So it’s easier than you think to find the right gift for everyone in your family. In addition, many of the items and companies are veteran-owned or veteran-made. So when you shop through GovX, you are supporting veterans and their families! I love finding good military discounts on quality items.

One of my favorite discoveries was the category for tickets. Military families can find all kinds of discounted ticket deals on GovX. My husband has used them before to find us excellent seats for baseball games at an affordable rate. During the holidays, there are discounted tickets for shows like the Nutcracker, Christmas orchestras, concerts, plays, and of course sporting events. Tickets make an excellent gift for the holidays, so browse the events in your state and find a great discount on exciting events.

I had a difficult time deciding on one item to order and highlight, but I’m excited to say that I selected a hiking backpack for my kids. Of our five children, four of them are currently in Scouts, and they are going on more and more hiking and camping adventures. As they get older, their supplies are getting even more expensive. Finding high-quality camping gear at an affordable rate was a great surprise. I think it will be an even bigger surprise for my oldest on Christmas morning! The backpack arrived today, and it is sturdy, great quality, lightweight, and everything we hoped it would be. My husband is a Marine who has an eye for good gear and appreciates having the right tools for the job. This backpack met his standards for quality and durability, so he approves it for upcoming Scout hikes.

Right now, you can find incredible Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts. Get up to 65% most items, and free shipping throughout the weekend. Other deals will continue throughout the month of December, so keep checking back for new deals. In addition, for the rest of the month you can use the code MILSPOUSE15 for $15 off your first order of $100! I hope you enjoy your shopping and find some great deals while supporting veterans and their families!


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