The 1st Friday of May is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I just want to take a moment and thank some of the amazing military spouses who have been in my life. This community has been the most supportive and encouraging group of friends I have ever known. I have found incredible individuals at every duty station, and I now have milspouse friends all over the world!

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Why we need a Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Military Spouse Appreciation Day recognizes all the “invisible” sacrifices that are a common part of milspouse life. Our community is strong in so many ways, and we learn how to support each other through a variety of challenges.

Military spouses have helped me during deployments and when I had babies. Generous spouses have volunteered to bring me meals, watch my children, or even clean my house during the seasons of life when I needed it most. They have encouraged me in my writing and business ventures. So now, I feel like I will spend the rest of my time as a military spouse trying to repay all those generous acts of love by paying it forward to new military spouses I meet. You all have earned and deserve your own military spouse appreciation day.

If you are a military spouse, then this is for you!

Thank a military spouse for their strength and sacrifice on Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Thank you, military spouse…

  • for your patience with the constant changes of military life
  • for your generosity–helping out others instead of complaining about your own struggles
  • for juggling all your responsibilities–kids, pets, job, school, spouse’s schedule–and never giving up
  • for moving across the country whenever the “needs of the military” dictated
  • for all the times you kept it together when you felt like crying during deployment
  • for being a listening ear when someone needed you
  • for surviving sickness and times when all the kids were vomiting at once
  • for bravely finding a solution when the car died and you had no friends in that time zone
  • for helping friends celebrate holidays without their spouse during deployments
  • for helping a neighbor during an emergency
  • for offering to watch a friend’s kids when they needed it
  • for managing to make dinner when you were exhausted
  • for restarting your career every time you moved
  • for your creativity and innovation at solving life’s myriad problems
  • for keeping a positive attitude in the stress of military life
  • for planting flowers in base housing, even though you will only be there a few years
  • for budgeting, saving money, and learning how to live on one income
  • for actually attending and volunteering at unit FRG events
  • for all the times you reached out and greeted someone new when they had no friends
  • for sharing clothes, toys, and furniture every time you PCS
  • for supporting everyone’s small business, filling your own home with LulaRoe, Scentsy, Stella and Dot, Pampered Chef…
  • for raising strong and resilient children who know the meaning of sacrifice
  • for staying faithful to your spouse despite the challenges of long distance
  • for being part of the best fraternity/sorority there is… the family of military spouses!

Thank you, military spouse, for being you and for all the amazing contributions you make to our community. We appreciate you for all these reasons and so many more! If your spouse isn’t around to give you gifts on Military Spouse Appreciation Day, then I hope you will get some love and a care package from another military spouse.

Show appreciation for the military spouses in your life

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    Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!!!


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