Open When Book

Open When book encourages military spouses

This award-winning book for military spouses is now available wherever books are sold online! Order it on Amazon, or wherever you shop for books.

From Military Family Books:
“This collection of letters for military spouses offers encouraging words and practical advice throughout your military life journey. Whether you are celebrating a milestone, surviving an unfamiliar challenge, or feeling unheard, you are not alone.
Choose the topics and letters to read when you need guidance tailored to the military life situations you are facing at the time, from planning a military wedding, to attending your first military ball, giving birth while your spouse is deployed, or moving across country (or an ocean) on short notice. Author Lizann Lightfoot knows what it’s like when you are challenged to make new friends—again and again, find strength to support other spouses in the community, prepare to leave active duty, and many other military life moments in between.

Lizann’s Open When letters deliver that special message from a friend who understands, whenever you need reassurance, helpful ideas, or a simple reminder of your own strength.”

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Lizann also accept donations from “angel investors” who want to gift copies of this book to military spouses who truly need it. Email for details.