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9 Great Shows to Bingewatch While Nursing

When I had my first baby, I took maternity leave from a job where I was usually gone 12 hours per day. Suddenly, I was home all day in a small apartment with a no company except for this tiny new human. Even when I had the energy to clean and get things done, I ended up spending a lot of time on the couch. Because. . .babies like to eat and nursing sessions aren’t quick. So what do you do when you are stuck sitting in one place several hours each day? You watch TV.

“New moms end up spending lots of time on the couch. Because babies like to eat, and nursing sessions aren’t quick.” ~The Seasoned Spouse

In my case, a popular show on daytime television was Jon and Kate Plus 8. This is the TLC show about the couple with eight children: A set of twins and one set of sextuplets. At the time, I couldn’t get enough of it. Here I was struggling just to feed one little baby and take an occasional shower, while this family was taking care of eight. It was inspiring! It was fun! It made the nursing sessions go by so quickly.

Of course, that show didn’t end happily. Years later, the couple divorced. So, reality TV may not be the best motivating choice for a new mom.

Thankfully, I have now moved on to Netflix and Amazon Prime9 Great Shows to Bingewatch While Nursing, which offer a whole new world of binge-watching options. If you have a new baby, here’s a list of shows to look forward to that you can binge-watch to your heart’s content.

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Here are 9 shows to bingewatch while nursing

1. Parenthood

Because you’re a parent now, so you might as well find something funny about it! This series shows the drama of the Braverman family: Zeke and Camille are an older couple with a troubled marriage. They have four adult children (with varying maturity levels) and several grandchildren. There are over 100 episodes of this family drama.

2. Gilmore Girls

A classic, now completely available on Netflix. Do you dream of having a Lorelai/Rory relationship with your daughter? Can’t get enough of their fast-talking quips? Then settle into your rocker, mama, because there are seven seasons of this gem!

3. Downton Abbey

This addictive show can be viewed in one week. I may or may not have done that with baby #4! It follows the drama of the fictional Crawley family of England and their servants–from 1912 through World War I and the roaring 20’s. The three wealthy daughters face important decisions about marriage, children, and careers. Meanwhile, the lives of the servants will intrigue you with their love, pain, struggles, and lies. You will be simultaneously cheering for some and crying over others.

4. Orange is the New Black

Is your apartment starting to feel like a prison with a new baby as the demanding warden? Then you can relate to Piper, who ends up in women’s prison for a crime she committed years earlier. There are seven seasons of drama, laughs, and backstabbing.

5. The Office

Want a reminder of how boring and mundane your life was before baby? The staff of Dunder-Mifflin is here to remind you that selling paper is no laughing matter. Okay, nope, not true. Actually they will have you laughing at their sarcastic comments and ridiculous office pranks. At least. . .  “That’s what she said.”

6. Parks and Recreation

If you like The Office, you’ll love Parks and Rec. At first, it appears to be a similar, quirky staff of people all working together in lousy government jobs. But then you fall in love with Leslie’s enthusiasm, Andy’s childishness, April’s dark brooding, and Ron’s serious lines that are impossible to believe. There aren’t any babies in the first few seasons, which is a very good thing because these people can barely handle their own lives!

7. Once Upon a Time

Is baby bringing back memories of your favorite fairy tales? Indulge in a grown-up fairy-tale drama. The town of Storybrooke, ME contains heroes and villains from the classic fairy tales. They have all been imprisoned there by the Evil Queen who caused them to forget their identity. You’ll enjoy this modern twist on traditional characters, from the writers of Lost. (While we are on the subject, Lost is another great binge-worthy series!)

8. Futurama

If you enjoy sci-fi or futuristic animated comedy, then this is the show for you. I watched it with baby #2 because the episodes are short and easy to follow. . . and my husband enjoyed them too. Fry is just an ordinary pizza delivery guy in 1999. But then he is accidentally frozen. When he wakes up, it is the year 2999 and the whole world has changed! Fry’s friends may seem quirky (a girl with one eye, an obnoxious robot, and an alien that looks like a crab), but their stories have a surprising amount of sincerity that will get you right in the feels.

Honorable mention: Game of Thrones. This was my choice for Baby #3. It isn’t available on Netflix, but it’s almost worth the HBO subscription. Yes, it can be graphic and gory. But you just had a baby! Blood and guts shouldn’t phase you now, right?

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