Send naked photos during deployment– for his eyes only

Guys love photos. Photos of their kids. Photos of the dog. Photos of you. And yes, naked pictures too. But should you send naked photos during deployment? Neither my husband nor I are very comfortable with naked selfies. Not because we don’t have good looking bodies! It’s mostly because we don’t like the idea of sharing ourselves with anyone else, even accidentally.

If you’re planning to send spicy pictures during deployment, here are some things to consider.

1. Government email is NOT private

If you are sending anything to a government email address (.mil or .gov), those emails can be opened and read by the communication shop. They do this for security, to check for scams and viruses. But that means anything in the body of the email can be seen, printed out, and passed around.

I’m sure you don’t plan to share yourself with the whole comm shop, so always put naked photos into an attachment like a Word document. Special permission is required to open attachments, so your images are much safer that way. Or send it to a personal email account like Gmail or Hotmail, if your service member has access to one during deployment.

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2. Flash drives can be stolen

If you mail pictures on a USB flash drive or memory card, DON’T put them in a regular envelope. This makes it too easy for anyone in the postal system to slit it open and steal the drive. I’m not sure why people do this. Maybe they are perverts looking for naked photos, or maybe they intend to use or resell the memory card. Some of those tiny cards are still worth a lot of money.

Unfortunately, I have seen it happen. Don’t lose your precious naked photos during deployment. Use a padded envelope, with the built-in bubbles. For just a few cents more, this protects any electronic item you send, and makes it harder to detect or steal.

3. Care packages can be opened too

Customs officials have the right to open any care package, especially if they think it has a forbidden substance like a liquid, batteries, or any alcohol. Pornography is illegal in some Middle Eastern countries, so photos that are loose in the package could be confiscated. So if you send naked photos during deployment, put them in an envelope inside the package. Then they will be for his eyes only.

Want to know what to send in a care package during deployment? Read these care package tips!

4. Sending naked photos during deployment? Beware of the Cloud

If you send photos by email or text, be aware of your Cloud settings and sync settings. Where are your images being saved or backed up? Will they accidentally appear on a device your children may have access too? Will it automatically upload to a shared photo website like a Shutterfly album? Will your phone synch to an album on your laptop or desktop computer? Just pay attention to your settings, and make sure that if you want to delete your photo that it doesn’t have copies anywhere else. If you DO want to keep copies, you can make a file that is password protected.

Military Spouses: 6 Things to Know About Naked Photos During Deployment

5. Naked photos during deployment don’t have to be fancy

Military spouses and girlfriends often have opportunities to take ‘boudoir’ photos. This is a private sexy photo shoot that is a classy way to showcase yourself and some of your lingerie. You can wear as much or little as you are comfortable with, and a good photographer (usually another girl) will help you choose some poses that are sweet or sexy or fun. This makes a great surprise gift for your guy. And many women say the experience of a boudoir photoshoot is empowering and fun for them too.

BUT… if you don’t like the idea of being naked in front of another photographer, you know what else he is just as happy with? Your naked selfies. So do whatever makes you comfortable. This isn’t for the cover of a magazine, it’s to show yourself off to your service member. Do what helps you feel beautiful.

6. The most private way to send naked photos during deployment:

The best option is printing your own photos and sending them in an envelope. No one should be authorized to open envelopes, and if you print them out yourself and then delete the copies, you can be sure that no one else is seeing (or sharing!) your private photos. Your body should be for your spouse alone. There are ways to share it with them during deployment, but make sure it is for their eyes only!


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