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I held out on getting a selfie stick for the 3 years we lived in Europe. At every tourist site, we saw numerous people using them, taking their own travel selfies. The stick just seemed so silly and annoying. I preferred to take pictures with my real camera. But… we were all together then.

When I was preparing for deployment, I thought about the ways I was going to stay in touch with my husband. I would write to him, email him, send him pictures of the kids… but what about pictures of me? One of the annoying things about being the family photographer is that there are so few pictures of ME in our albums. When I discovered that a selfie stick is only $5, I picked one up immediately. Now I can easily take pictures of ALL of us and send them to my husband.

Need some selfie inspiration? Try these ideas:

  • every time you accomplish something hard around the house (fixed broken toilet, changed flat tire, etc), take a selfie in front of the fixed thing, while you do your best Rosie the Riveter impersonation. Post that to Facebook and send it to your husband to show off your girl power!
  • when you are out and about with the kids, crowd together and take a big group selfie, so your husband can see you all at once. You can make “wish you were here” sad faces, or crazy faces, or all point to the big sign in front of the cool amusement park you are about to enter.
  • Once a month, take a full-body selfie and send it to your husband so he can see your weight loss progress.
  • If you get your homecoming outfit early, send him a selfie of you wearing it, so he can start dreaming of the day you will be reunited.
  • When you visit some of his favorite places, take a selfie and let him know you are thinking of him and can’t wait for him to be there with you.

You can have a lot of fun with this, and it is a good way to stay connected to your husband. Just one last piece of advice. If you decide to do any boudoir selfies, like in lingerie, be very mindful of how you send him the pictures! A sealed envelope inside a care package is the most private and secure. Government emails are monitored, and even though attachments can’t be opened without permission, you can never quite be sure where that image might end up. So have fun, but don’t embarrass yourself or him!


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