Ways to spend time outside!

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I’m a firm believer in getting outside every day. We are lucky to live in Southern California, where the weather is gorgeous year-round. So as soon as deployment started, we rounded up some friends and visited the beach. It didn’t matter that it was winter and the water was too cold. The kids just wanted to play in the sand with friends and eat snacks. The moms just wanted to get out of the house and let the kids burn off some energy. And we all wanted to be distracted from our loneliness for a bit.

Mission accomplished! Everyone had fun, made new friends, and felt much better. Did you know that sunlight contains Vitamin D? The chemical is actually absorbed into our bodies and acts on the brain to improve your mood. (That’s one reason depression is a bigger problem during dark winter months.)
So, even if you don’t live in California or near a beach, here are some easy ways to get outside and break up your blues:
– walk around the block, or explore your neighborhood
– walk or drive to a public playground
– take bikes or scooters to a nearby cul de sac or park
– teach your kids a new sport. Whichever one you enjoy, a 2 year old will enjoy watching you play (and wanting a turn with the ball)
– pick a store you want to visit (like a bakery or someplace fun) then park in another part of town and walk there and back
– go for a bike ride (get a toddler seat and/or trailer to pull your kids)
– look up local state parks and choose a hiking trail
– put on your roller blades and zip around
– go jogging, or sign up for a family fun run event
– bring some balls and outdoor toys to a tennis court, and let your kids run around like crazy people
– bubbles! Fun for all ages.
– sit in your backyard to read a book
– anything with water– kiddie pool, slip and slide, even watering the garden or washing the car!
– eat outside, whether it’s your backyard or a restaurant
– stroll through a touristy area with a view, like a boardwalk or waterfront

What are your favorite ways to get outside and have fun? I would love to hear them!


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