Looking to get the best rates and military discounts for vacation and date night adventures? I recently wrote about the importance of being a tourist in your hometown and around base. A great way to save money while doing that is by using your base ITT office.

ITT stands for ‘Information, Tickets, and Tours.’ That’s a pretty good description of what they do! The ITT office has lots of information and brochures about local activities. They have discounted tickets for attractions or airline travel available to military individuals and families. And they sometimes arrange special tours (either local or international) like cruises and vacations that you can join at a good price. That’s why ITT should be the first place you contact if you have visitors coming to stay with you, if you are visiting family back home, if you are planning your family’s post-deployment vacation, or if you are planning activities for yourself, your unit, your mom’s group, etc.

We also use the ITT office when planning a PCS move to another state. Whenever we have a long drive, we try to break it up with a fun day of activities in a new city. Whether you take advantage of the Waves of Honor program to visit Sea World or Busch Gardens for free, or you look up a free Blue Star Family Museum, the ITT office can help you find the best discounts and most interesting sights along your route. 

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Every ITT office has tons of special military discounted tickets–not just for the immediate area around the base, but also for big attractions in other states. You do not need the active duty person present to get information or to purchase tickets. Anyone with a military ID (this includes dependents) can go to the office and make the purchase. They can answer questions, help you compare different prices and offers, explain the limits to any deals, and even print out tickets right there for you to use anytime (most deals expire at the end of each calendar year). One of the great things about these tickets is that many of the deals are good for multiple visits. For attractions near base, you could visit several times in one year, for the same price a civilian would pay for one visit.

For example, one year we used the military discount to get tickets to go to LegolandHow to Get Military Discount Tickets. We got two visits for the price of one. Plus, the park was running a seasonal special that allowed us to return a third time, for FREE! So that year we went to Legoland three times, and only paid around $75 per person.

Another year, we saved up our money during deployment for a family trip to Disneyland. We used the military discount to get tickets through ITT for ourselves and the grandparents. When they visited for the holidays, we were able to surprise them with a day at Disney!

How to Get Military Discount Tickets

What military discounts does ITT have for you? Here are some of the deals:

  • movie ticket discounts that save you $4 per person
  • free entrance to Sea World once per year for up to 4 people in a military family
  • free entrance to the zoo for the active duty military
  • free entrance to the  Air and Space museum for the active duty military
  • Disneyland 3-day hopper passes for $140 per person instead of $295
  • $20 discount on whale watching boat tour tickets
  • half-price tickets to Knott’s Berry Farm (amusement park)
  • Legoland Hopper tickets (2-days) for $75 instead of $117
  • Medieval Times dinner tournament tickets for $42 instead of $62
  • Minor league hockey tickets, close seats, for $25 instead of $103
  • Information about touring local wineries at a discounted price
  • Discounts to out-of-state attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida, Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, Busch Gardens in Virginia, plus many zoos and city passes across the country.
  • Discounted deals on hotel prices in Anaheim, California
  • links to the Armed Forces Vacation club for discounted vacation planning

So what are you waiting for? Contact ITT to learn your possible deals. Have fun saving money!

Anyone have a favorite trip they have done through ITT? Please share!


  1. Hannah

    The ITT office is amazing! We’ve gotten great deals from buying tickets through their office. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lizann

      That’s great, glad you have found good deals!

      • donna

        i am married to a disabled vet and i was wondering what all we need to get to be approved to go on base?



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