Let the kids write him emails

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In prior deployments, my husband  didn’t have email access, and my children were too young to read or write. But this time, he has a computer, and our oldest is in 2nd grade. She is so proud that she can write to Daddy, and it seems to help her behavior a lot when I remind her that he will ask for a report after certain big events. It helps me too, because sitting down and typing is a laborious project for her, so it occupies her pretty quietly for at least 20 minutes. She loves to read his replies, and sometimes I print them out so she can save them.
If your children are too young to write sentences, they can still dictate while you send a message. They will enjoy feeling connected when you read back the replies.
Even the youngest children can still draw pictures that you can either send in the mail, or scan into email. Either way, encourage your husband to keep their drawings nearby if he ever gets the chance to Skype or FaceTime with the kids. They will be thrilled to see him holding their artwork!
What are some ways that you are helping your husband and kids communicate during a deployment?



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