You might live in military base housing if…

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Military base housing is a unique community. Sometimes it is compared to the old-fashioned town of Mayberry from the Andy Griffith show. Everyone knows your name, and the neighborhood can have a safe and nostalgic feel. Other times, people complain about the lack of individuality between houses that were all built in the exact same style at least 50 years ago. There are plenty of pros and cons to living in military base housing. Love it or hate it, it is something you will never forget. For those who have had the experience of living in military base housing, I’m betting you can relate to almost all of these.

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You might live in military base housing if…

  • All your walls are white, all the blinds are vertical, and the houses were built in the 1960’s.
  • You have to show a government ID just to get to your house each day.
  • You are used to the sound of helicopters flying low over your roof.

You might live in military base housing if... helicopters regularly fly overhead.

  • You see moving trucks regularly. And you feel a little emotional every time.
  • The speed limit is 15 MPH, and most people actually follow it.
  • Someone has dropped off wine, Pedialite, or a surprise gift at your doorstep.

You might live in military base housing if...

  • You don’t always lock your doors at night.
  • You can always find the bathroom at your neighbor’s house, because you all have the exact same floor plan.
  • Every street in your neighborhood is named after a famous general.
  • You regularly see people running in PT gear.
  • When you hear gunshots, your first thought is, “I wonder which unit is practicing on the range today?”

  • You belong to Facebook pages for your neighborhood, your base, and for local yard sales.
  • Said Facebook pages are full of pictures of lost dogs and passive-aggressive complaints about dog poop.
  • There is always free furniture, clothes, or toys sitting on the curbs.
  • Neighborhood children wander into your house to play and ask for food, even when you don’t know their parents.
  • There is a garage sale every. single. Saturday.
  • You have one bathroom for the four members of your family. And it is tiny.
  • You asked a new neighbor to be your child’s emergency contact about five minutes after you met.
  • There are three small playgrounds within walking distance.
  • Every garage is filled with military gear.
  • Cars stop when Colors is played.You might live in ,ilitary base housing if...
  • You get new neighbors every six months.
  • When a light bulb goes out, you call maintenance to fix it.
  • You don’t know your neighbor’s names, but you know their ranks.
  • Most kids in your neighborhood walk to school. And parents walk to pick them up.
  • Everyone has exactly two dogs: no more, no less.

  • There are quiet hours, and people actually respect them.
  • The driveways are full of pickup trucks and minivans.
  • The only time it’s loud on a Sunday night is during a 96 weekend.
  • You move into an empty house, and three complete strangers offer you spare furniture and air mattresses to use for a few weeks until your own goods arrive.
  • “Welcome home!” signs are constantly hanging on neighborhood fences.
  • And you definitely live in base housing if… every house in your neighborhood has at least one hero!

Have you ever lived in military base housing? Good or bad experience?


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