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If you have a mom, Mother’s Day is an important holiday. It’s the day you celebrate the woman who gave you life and/or raised you. If you are a mom, it’s the day you celebrate the love you and your children have for each other, and a chance for them to (hopefully) recognize and appreciate all that you do for them. Perhaps no gift can ever recognize the love, sacrifice, and hard work of a mother. But you have to try, right?

If you’re a military spouse, Mother’s Day may have a special meaning for you. Perhaps you gave birth during a deployment, bringing your baby into the world while your partner was thousands of miles away. Or maybe you waited years before becoming a mother, trying to time your pregnancy during a shore duty or other time when your service member would be around. Perhaps you are the mother of a service member, counting the months until you can see your child and hug them again. If you are going through a deployment now, you’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day solo, taking care of the kids on your own.

These moments deserve special recognition and celebration. A beautiful way to give tribute to a mom is with mother’s jewelry.

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Jewelry is a perfect Mother’s Day gift for military spouses

After I had our second child, I knew I wanted a necklace with their birthstones. The months of their births meant so much to me and were part of our story. But I also knew that we would probably have more children, so I didn’t want to order any custom jewelry that would become incomplete once we had another baby. I was so touched when my husband came up with a solution: he ordered a necklace with birthstone charms that we could add to over the years.

It turned out to be a wonderful gift that has been added to several times. We eventually had two more children, so we added two additional birthstones. When I published my first book, he gave me a charm shaped like a book. To honor our 10th wedding anniversary, he found a charm that symbolized our relationship. And now that he has completed his 7th deployment, I might want to add a bead to honor all the deployments we have been through together! The necklace has become a story of our love, of my journey as a wife and mother, and of our family.

If you’re looking for a great Mother’s Day gift for military spouses, Nomades is a company that specializes in jewelry for military spouses. They have charms, beads, and spacers specific to military life. You can find a charm to represent the duty station where you first became a mom. Or get this spacer which is a perfect gift for any mom, and available in several languages. The Mom spacer is currently on sale for $38 at Nomades.

Nomades makes military-themed jewelry that is the perfect mother's day gift for military spouses.Nomades jewelry makes the perfect Mother's Day gift for military spouses and moms.








This is also a special gift for a mother-in-law. Nomades has beads for each of the five branches that celebrate a mother’s love for her service member child or children. The Marine Mom bead pictured is sterling silver and currently $47 at Nomades.

Nomades beads can help you tell the story of your journey as a military spouse. Their unique designs celebrate important military life moments. This Mother’s Day, you can celebrate a deployment birth with their Red Deployment Bead. Sales from this bead raise funds that go to deployed families through the Red Bead Story Fund.

If you want a special gift for yourself, your mother, or your mother-in-law, then Nomades offers a great selection of jewelry and gifts for military spouses.

More Mother’s Day gift ideas for military spouses

Looking for more Mother’s Day gifts for military spouses? Check out the ideas in my recent FB Live video. We discussed jewelry, pampering products, and several care package companies that cater specifically to military spouses!

Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away! So start looking for the perfect gift, or start dropping those hints to your husband and children!




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