When can Mom Shower? Idea #55

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Being a single parent is tough. Being a single parent who is greatly outnumbered is even tougher. Sometimes just taking a shower is a challenge. I have come to accept that I really can’t plan to shower in the morning. If my kids are awake, someone will inevitably come into my room with a question or a complaint. Never mind that I can barely hear them with the water running. They will continue to stand there mumbling and repeating themselves until the other siblings join them to tell their side of the story. And then I will have to send them all away sobbing, so that I can at least grab a towel before addressing their problem. Which typically involves toys or breakfast.

You would think I have this problem even when my husband is not deployed, because he usually goes into work before the kids wake up in the morning. But I guess I wake up a little earlier when he is around, and I can squeeze in a shower before the kids wake up. And on weekends, I know he will fend for me and keep them all out of the room (or feed them breakfast!) so I can get clean in peace. It’s a struggle I have been battling all my 8 years as a Mom, but now that the kids all come out of their rooms in the morning and the husband is away, morning showers are finally becoming unmanageable.

So, that means I have to shower at night. Not my favorite, because of sleeping on wet hair, but it seems the most guaranteed way to ensure that 1) I occasionally get clean, and 2) We all stay on time and get breakfast in the morning. You gotta do what you gotta do.

When do you other moms take a shower? When the baby is sleeping? While the kids are at school? Or do you just lock your door and let them roam the house? I would love to hear your ideas!


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