Why I will NOT watch Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones… what a fun and exciting show! You never know what to expect, especially in the new season! I love Game of Thrones, and I read all 5 of the HUGE books during one of our deployments. But I won’t be watching the new season, and here’s why:

  • it’s not because of the gratuitous sex scenes
  • it’s not because the story line has gone past the books
  • it’s not because the story is sometimes unfaithful to the books
  • it’s not because my favorite character has already died (She hasn’t! Arya is my favorite!)
  • it’s not because I have to buy each episode and hate spending money on shows

The REAL reason I won’t watch it? That’s because my husband is deployed. And he can’t watch it. It seems the military still does not provide HBO during deployments, haha. Quite simply, if he can’t watch it now, then I won’t watch it either. Because then I won’t ruin it for him. Then we can watch it together after deployment, and be excited and confused and shocked and disappointed together at everything that happens this season. It’s a sacrifice I choose to make for him, because doing things together is always better than doing them separately. He didn’t ask me to wait for him. In fact, he told me it was fine if I watch them without him. But I think that he is worth waiting for, and so are our date nights, and so is a TV show. There are so many parts of our lives that we can’t put on hold during a deployment: so many holidays and birthdays and milestones. But a TV show is one thing that CAN wait.

Will there be spoilers? Probably. Right now, I don’t think I mind. I like being able to make one small gesture, one meaningful sacrifice for him. He makes so many sacrifices for us. I consider this a small act of service to him. And I look forward to finally sharing something with him, after so many months apart. (I’ll have to update you on the spoiler situation in a few months.)

How about you? Are there certain TV shows you won’t watch without your spouse? Do they ask you to wait until after a deployment to watch it together? Or do you just re-watch them when they return?


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