10 Deployment Memes for everything you’re going through right now

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These deployment memes capture the frustration of military deployments

Deployment memes

Ahhh, deployments, one of the most challenging and frustrating parts of military life. A little laughter can make them go by more easily. So, dear military spouse, no matter where you are in the deployment cycle, I think you can relate to all of these. Grab some coffee (or wine!), sit back, and enjoy the lighter side of deployment life. I made these deployment memes to share with you and let you know that we all go through the same deployment frustrations.

First of all, let’s get one thing straight: ALL deployments are hard. It doesn’t matter if it is your first deployment or 10th. It doesn’t matter which branch your spouse is in. It doesn’t even matter how long or short they are. Deployments Suck. Period. So let’s stop the competitive arguments and try to support each other:


On some days, you may feel like things are under control and going surprisingly well. That is, of course, until everything starts breaking. Because the Murphy’s Law of deployments (also known as the Deployment Curse) says that things will start breaking the day after the deployment begins. Usually in groups of 3. This is when we really need a good laugh and some deployment memes or happy pictures of puppies.

During deployment, everything seems more challenging. Maybe it’s because your spouse is gone and not able to help around the house. Or maybe it’s because of the invisible weight of worry and emotional stress that you carry around each day of deployment. Even everyday tasks like making dinner can seem almost impossible. Which is why, sometimes our deployment diets are all over the place:

Another thing that is hard to get done during deployment? Any kind of paperwork. Anything official. Anything with a bank. Anything involving a customer service representative who doesn’t seem to understand that during some deployments, the service member really doesn’t have access to email and fax machines. Communication during deployments can be infrequent and frustrating. This is why it’s so important to get paperwork in order before deployments!

For many military spouses, the worst part of deployment is the loneliness. It may hit you at night, when the house is quiet, or on the weekends when you usually spend time with your spouse. For solo parents raising kids during deployment, the weekends are especially challenging, because everyone else seems to be doing family things, and you just want a good night’s sleep:

It’s easy to let some things slide during deployment. Maybe we don’t keep the house quite as clean, or do laundry as often. Sometimes you just serve leftovers for dinner. Or frozen pizza. That’s ok. There are times when I’ve labeled myself a deployment slacker. But there is one thing you shouldn’t slack on: personal hygiene. Keep showering, shaving, and wearing makeup, even on days when you don’t have a Skype date. Get out of bed and have a routine. It keeps your motivation and self-confidence high!

During deployment, I celebrate every single milestone. Of course the big ones, like one month down. Also the little ones, like each time I take out the trash myself. Also the ridiculous ones, when every single thing reminds me that we are getting closer to the end:

Deployment is almost over if your groceries expire AFTER the troops come home!

One of the fun parts of deployment is preparing and sending care packages to your deployed spouse. There are tons of ideas for that on my Pinterest page. But what about the other military wives on the Homefront? How can you support them? The spouses often help each other by sharing babysitting, bringing meals to a new mom, or planning a night out. Try these ideas to support and thank any of your deployment brothers and sisters:

Eventually, finally, we near the end of deployment! Then all the Homecoming excitement and stress wears us out for the last month, when we discover that the end of deployment is actually the worst. So if you are feeling overwhelmed by your Homecoming to-do list, just remember this:

Deployments come and go, as a type of trial by fire for military spouses. But remember that we almost all go through them at some point. You are never alone in your deployment suffering! So reach out and connect with other military spouses and military significant others. You will find a lot of love and encouragement in the military community. And always remember–it’s ok to go ahead and laugh, even when you feel like crying. The deployment will eventually come to an end!

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