9 Unique Girls Night Out Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is approaching, but many military spouses and significant others won’t get to spend the day with their true love. If the military has separated you from your Valentine because of training or deployment, then enjoy a ladies’ night out instead. Call it GALentine’s Day!

Of course, you can gather the girls for something typical like dinner or a movie. But you will have a lot more fun if you try something new! Whether you are hanging out with close friends or inviting some new wives from your unit, use these creative girls night out ideas anytime you need to relax with your girlfriends.

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Use these fun ideas to plan a girls night out during deployment or for Galentine's Day!

Paint and Sip

The paint and sip craze has become popular all over the country. An art instructor provides canvas, paints, and instruction–you provide the wine! Enjoy an evening of laughter as you all create a masterpiece. See if you can find a local restaurant or art shop that offers these classes. They are perfect for beginners, because you don’t need to know anything about painting or own any supplies.

Turn your girls' night out into a night of painting fun!

Join in a murder mystery

If you like to read mysteries and figure out whodunit, then you will love murder mystery dinners. These are sometimes in a local theater, other times in a hotel or conference center. A murder mystery is interactive and fun. Throughout the night, you will talk to costumed actors and probably interact with other guests. Sometimes there are prizes for the first person to guess the murderer. Roundup your best friends to go with you, but watch out; one of them might end up as the prime suspect!

Do a wine tasting

I’m lucky to live in California, where we can arrange tours and tastings from local vineyards. Even if you don’t live near a vineyard, you can enjoy great wine. See if any of the restaurants near you offer wine tastings or beer flights. Then gather your group to eat and drink together. Challenge everyone to try something new and find their favorite.

Make wine the centerpiece of your next Girls Night.

Use clues to escape a room

Do you think you and your tribe could work together and solve puzzles to escape a locked room? Escape Rooms are becoming popular everywhere. You can find rooms with different themes, from horror movie dungeons, to video games, or a re-creation of Albert Einstein’s office. There are secret puzzles and clues hidden throughout the room, and the group has 45 minutes to solve them all. It’s a great way to make new friends– fast.

Ride horses into the sunset

This was a popular outing at our last base. The base stable conducted trail rides along the beach at sunset. Yes, it was amazing! You don’t need prior riding experience to go on a simple trail ride, so anyone can join in. It’s fun, relaxing, and will have unforgettable views.

Ride off into the sunset on your next Ladies Night Out!

Paint pottery

I love local pottery shops that let you choose a piece of unfinished pottery and paint it yourself. This is fun no matter what your artistic abilities are. You can choose a small figurine to paint, or something more challenging, like a large bowl to glaze. Everyone can paint and show off their creations, then you leave them at the shop to be fired in the kiln. Usually, you can pick up your pottery one week later or have it mailed to you. This makes a great going away party for a military spouse before a PCS. Everyone makes a souvenir to remember them.

Learn to cook something fancy

Sometimes military bases hold discounted cooking classes. Or you can register a group at a local restaurant. It’s a fun way to learn new cooking skills in an interactive group setting. All the ingredients and instructions are provided. If you’ve never rolled out pastry dough before, don’t worry! You can learn from the instructor or your friends. Best of all, at the end you get to eat your creations. Then you can take the recipes home. If you would rather host your friends for a cooking night in your own home, consider a meal delivery service like Clean Box. They will send you a meal complete with fresh ingredients and step-by-step directions. You and your friends become the chefs!

Try a cooking for your next Girl Night

Go on a scavenger hunt

Have you ever done a scavenger hunt that sent you all over town? Some cities have established public scavenger hunts that can be played anytime. Once you sign up, clues are sent to your smart phone, and you walk to different city locations to find the answers. This is a great way to learn more about the town near your base. Getting lost will never be this much fun!

Indulge in chocolate fondue

Does anyone not like chocolate? Because I can’t think of a more delicious way to spend an evening than laughing over chocolate fondue with friends. If you’re lucky, there is a Melting Pot restaurant near you. They specialize in delicious cheese and chocolate fondue dinners. But I have also hosted fondue parties at home. (Much cheaper). Each guest brought different fruit, brownies, or snacks to dip. I heated up the chocolate in a fondue pot, and then we all enjoyed making tasty creations.

What are your favorite Girls Night Out ideas?


  1. Ellen Hughes

    I like that you suggested checking if there are restaurants near your place where you and your friends can enjoy tasting wines. My birthday party is scheduled for next week. I’m thinking of going out with my friends on the night of my party, so it’s my goal to think of activities that we can enjoy. We love drinking wines, so I will make sure to find a country-themed bar where we can have some drinks.

    • Lizann

      That sounds fun, I hope you have a great time!

  2. tif

    I have hosted a few ladies’ nights out….
    1. Amazing Race… We all met in one spot, opened an envelope that had 2 choices for dinner. Opened another envelope after dinner to decide on the next activity.
    2. Had a chocolate party….. Potluck, really. Everyone brought chocolate goodies to share for dessert and I supplied the wine.
    3. A Favorite Things party (Christmastime) Everyone brought their favorite item to give to someone else, I had tickets with everyone’s name on them, put them in a jar. I started, drew a name, gave that person my favorite item. Then that person drew another name to give them their favorite thing, and so on. But I also used it as the perfect time to give my friends a Christmas present, I just gave them all of MY favorite things! I gave them each 3 tickets, they put them in the jar in front of 1 (or 3) of my favorite things… Then I drew a name and gave it away! It was so much fun! And everyone brought their favorite snacks to share. And I also had lists for everyone to fill out…. favorite Starbucks order, favorite christmas memory, favorite movie, favorite holiday, etc

    • Lizann

      Ohhh, these are GREAT ideas, how fun! I may have to borrow those sometime.:-)



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