Sometimes you’re dreaming of a warm, tropical vacation… and then you remember you’re a military family and your budget will barely get you across the state line! Don’t worry, there are several great ways to get military discounts on travel so your family can plan a cost-saving vacation.

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Here are cost-saving vacation ideas that will give you the best military discounts on travel.

They are great for a pre-deployment or post-deployment trip, too!

vacation discounts for military families

Use military discounts on travel for a fun ‘staycation’

1. The cheapest way to plan family fun is by exploring your local area! You won’t have to spend money on lodging or airline tickets, and you can feel like a tourist as you check out the cool attractions around your current base.

First, visit your military base ITT office to get hundreds of options on military discounted tickets. They will have unpublished discounts on amusement parks, museums, sports games, local attractions, tours, boat rides, and more! Then let your family take turns planning day trips or local outings. This is a great way to plan a discounted family vacation, especially if you have young kids who don’t do well on long trips.

2. If you are looking for discounted ticket to sports games, concerts, and other ticketed events, check out the military discount ticket on The service member will need to verify their eligibility, but once they do they will qualify for hundreds of discounted tickets at major events! If you’re looking for a fun date, or want to plan something for older kids, this is a great option.

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Get military discounts on travel

If you have to travel long distances to visit family, consider these cost-saving ideas:

3. Try to use Space A (Space available on military flights) to get airline flights for free! Be advised that Space A travel is different from using commercial airlines and is subject to delays or cancellations. Spaces are given away the day of the flight, on a priority basis. Research ahead of time to see if your vacation plans are flexible enough for a Space A flight.

4. Get military discounts on travel to amusement parks or attractions around the country from your local base ITT office. No matter where you are stationed, your ITT office can give you military discount tickets to Disney World, Disney Land, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Six Flags, and many other locations.

5. Visit a Blue Star Museum, where military families can enter for free! This program includes hundreds of museums across the country, which offer free entrance to military families during the summer months. They make perfect destinations for vacation or a PCS move.

7 Great Military Discounts on Travel for Your Next Vacation

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7 Great Military Discounts on Travel for Your Next VacationSave money on destination vacations

6. If you are a military family on a land-locked base, you may be dreaming of a beach vacation. Did you know that there are several military bases with beach access? And all of them have affordable rates at their base Lodge or Inn. Most bases also have campsites where you can bring a tent or RV for a very low rate. Staying on military bases is an affordable way to travel across the country.

Look for a Navy or Marine Corps base near you if you want ocean views. For example, below is a picture of the Coronado beach from the Navy Lodge on Coronado. Their rates are much more affordable than the world-famous Hotel Del Coronado just a mile away!

Military discounts on travel can take you to beautiful Coronado Island

There may also be military destination locations near you. In some places, the military manages vacation rentals that are only available to military families.

For example, the town of Big Bear, CA is a mountain ski resort open to the public year-round. Although it is within driving distance of at least six major military bases, most military families could not afford resort town prices. However, MCCS Big Bear is a small camp that manages six cabins which are only available to military families. These cozy chalets are comfortable, affordable, and an easy drive to the main attractions in town. They are a secret vacation oasis for military families in California!

7. Another great military discount on on travel can be used on vacation resorts is through the DoD resorts located around the world. These are 5-star resort destinations that are only available to military families. Rates are based on the service member’s rank. The two in the States are Shades of Green in Disney World and Hale Koa in Hawaii. There are also DoD resorts in Japan, Korea, and Germany. Always make reservation far in advance, since these destinations fill up quickly.

Have you taken any military-discount vacations? Tell us about it!

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  1. Judy Bowick

    My family went to Shades of Green at Disney. It was wonderful. We also got the restaurant there and the food was wonderful. I would do it again in a heartbeat


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