What deployment goals do you set for yourself throughout military life?

Military life can bring a lot of change for a military spouse: frequent moves, deployments, maybe a new job. There could be a new baby too! Life may be different during various stages of military life, but it is also an opportunity to make small changes that will help you reach bigger goals.

It’s smart to set new goals, especially during deployment. As challenging as those months can be, they are also a great opportunity for personal improvement, new hobbies, and strengthened friendships. If you are having a new baby during the deployment, maybe your goal is just to keep everyone in the household fed! Other spouses set goals like losing weight, taking a class, or running a 5k.

But did you know that there is actually a right way and a wrong way to set goals?

Following the S.M.A.R.T. system means you are more likely to achieve your goals! Setting S.M.A.R.T goals means goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Rewarding, and Time-based.  (because don’t we all just love acronyms? )

Set these smart goals during deployment or military life

Specific: This means your goal has details that can be used to nail it down. Let’s take weight loss, for example. Many women want to use a deployment to ‘get in shape.’ But that is not a specific goal because it could mean something different to each person.

Specifics would mean something like ‘lose 20 pounds to reach pre-baby weight,’ or ‘feel comfortable in size 6 jeans’, or ‘run 3 miles every week.’ Achieving each of these goals would be a little different, because each is specific.

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Measurable. A good goal must be measurable, so you can tell whether or not you have reached it, or how you are progressing. Something like weight loss can be measured in pounds or inches lost. Classes can be measured with grades. You can chart the amount of money you save, or the number of books you read, or the number of miles you run. In what way can you track your deployment goals?

Pro tip: make yourself a brag wall to celebrate your milestones and achievements!

“Set specific deployment goals, and find fun ways to measure your achievement.” ~The Seasoned Spouse

Achievable. It’s fine to challenge yourself with a goal, but make sure it is a goal that you can realistically accomplish. You can’t just declare, “I’m going to save $1,000” if you haven’t first studied your household expenses. Neither should you plan to run a marathon next month if you have never trained before.

Weight loss is great, but it isn’t healthy to lose more than 1-2 pounds per week, so don’t try to lose more pounds than there are weeks in the deployment. Try to be realistic about the amount of time and energy you will actually be able to devote to a project.

Rewarding. On some charts, the R stands for Realistic. But to me that sounds just like achievable. So I prefer Rewarding. Why is this goal important to you? Are you doing it for yourself? For your service member? For your family? You will get very tired and worn out during deployment, so you want to focus on deployment goals that excite you and motivate you, not something that will be a thankless chore.

You can only do so much. Focus on your strengths and celebrate those. Choose goals that will help you and make you feel proud.

Time-based. A good goal has a calendar finish line. For a deployment, the obvious time line is to meet the goal by Homecoming Day! However, it’s also important to set timely milestones. Otherwise you forget to spread out your efforts and rush them all into the last few weeks. That is stressful, unproductive, and usually not fulfilling.

So put dates on your deployment goals: read one book each month, finish two classes by Christmas, run five miles each week, save $50 per month, lose ten pounds by June, etc. If you have a time line for your overall goal, you can break it down into manageable pieces.

Then you can easily see if you are keeping up or falling behind, and make adjustments along the way! A great way to track your goals, achievements, and milestones is with a planner notebook or app.

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So now that you know some of the strategies for setting goals, you can start to form some of your own. Need ideas? I’ll share a few of mine. Don’t try to do these all at once! These are different goals I have set for different deployments (not all at once!).

You can see which goals I accomplished in my deployment goals review here:

– lose 20 pounds in 30 weeks
– write and publish 1 blog post per day for the deployment
– save $10 per week for our Disneyland vacation
– read a few chapters of the Bible every day, at a pace to finish the whole Bible in one year.
– spend at least one day each week writing 3-5 pages of my next book
– send at least one care package per month to my husband
– train for and complete my first 10k race in May
– complete training to be a Family Readiness Assistant in spring, then attend monthly meetings and help with unit events
– get frames for family photos and hang them in the living room by the end of deployment
– paint the toddler’s bedroom during a family visit

Oh yeah, and keep the kids alive and well-fed and mentally enriched. But see, that isn’t specific, or measurable, or time-based, so it isn’t a very well planned goal!

So how about all of you? What are some of your deployment goals?


  1. Molly

    This would be so useful as I’m finally getting back into the working world this year after taking the past 6yrs off while my son wasn’t school age. Lots of changes and lots to manage! haha

    • Lizann

      Yes indeed! A lifestyle change like that will require a lot of new routines. Just take baby steps and set small goals at first, until you get a sense of what you can handle. Good luck with your new job!

  2. Hailey Donovan Fields

    This is such a great blog post! Thank you! It’s going to help make my goals become a reality! ❤️

    • Lizann

      You’re welcome, I’m glad it inspires you! What are some goals you’re working on?

  3. Gabriela Telles

    Thank you for all the awesome advice, relatable stories and the most applicable “life hacks”!

    • Lizann

      You are very welcome! I hope it’s helpful!

  4. Hilary

    I love how these are divided as SMART goals. It really breaks them down how to achieve actionable goals during a deployment!

    • Lizann

      Thank you Hilary! I hope they are helpful!

  5. T

    My favourite way to save time in the morning: make my bed and dress to the shoes in the amount of time it takes my coffee to percolate as soon as I get out of bed. I’ve got 3 kids, so by that time I can caffinate while I get them ready.

    • Lizann

      That’s smart! Gotta get yourself caffeinated before you can take care of others! Thanks for stopping by and reading!

  6. Amy-Louise

    This would help me a lot this year as I have quite a few things I want to achieve

    • Lizann

      Great! Then I wish you luck with the giveaway, and I will send you the printable soon.

  7. Kristin Owings

    Awesome tips for goal setting! Thank you.

    • Lizann

      You’re welcome! I’m glad they help!

  8. Bridgett

    I love this! I am an avid list maker and writing my goals/activities/everything down just makes me feel like maybe I have my life together(or at least in theory?)! It also helps and makes me feel better when sometimes it feels like we have so little control over some aspects of our lives thanks to the military!

    • Lizann

      Yes indeed, military life has changed the way I plan things. It forces you to be flexible, that’s for sure! Any sense of organization and control is a big help. Thanks for reading!


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